Our acolytes, ages 8 and up, serve on the altar by carrying the cross during the procession accepting the offertory, and assisting the priest at the altar. We welcome all youth and adults to this ministry.  Becoming an acolyte adds a new dimension to your worship experience.

Contact: Donald Raleigh

Altar Guild                            

 The Altar Guild is responsible for cleaning and preparing the altar for each service. They set up all the linens and elements needed. They keep the altar area cleaned, polished and dusted.  They tend to the candles and the wicks, as well as washing, ironing and mending the linens.

Contact:  Angela Butler


Trinity offers daycare every Sunday beginning at 9:45 a.m. Our daycare providers are CPR and First Aid certified and have been trained in safe-church practices. We employ Anika Istok and Jessica Weaver in our nursery. 

Contact:  Jessica or Anika 

Godly Play

Godly Play is our Christian education program from pre-school through Grade 6. Godly Play employs a storytelling format for teaching the Bible.  After storytelling, the children participate in art and creative techniques to interpret the story for themselves and others in the class.  It’s an interactive and participatory program that the kids love.

Contact: Director Carl Hurtubise

Grocery cards

A good way to boost Trinity’s income at no expense to you is to buy grocery cards after services Sunday or in the church office, 9 to noon, Monday through Thursday. The cards, from Dave’s, Shaw’s or Stop & Shop, are available in denominations of $25, $50, and $100. Because Trinity Church buys them in bulk, we can buy them at 95% of face value, sell them to you at face value and keep the 5% difference. You use the card at the store as you would cash. Buy from either Ginny Leahy or  Don Raleigh before and after services, usually in the Bay Room.

Contact: Ginny Leahy or Don Raleigh

Eucharistic Visitors                    

Lay Eucharistic Visitors are trained to bring Holy Communion to the sick and shut-in at home, in the hospital or nursing homes.  When you can’t make it to the church on Sunday, our volunteers will bring the Eucharist to you. Having LEVs enhances the parish ministry by enabling us to serve more people each week.

Contact: Reverend Mitchell Lindeman –


Anyone who likes to sing is welcome to join the group, which ranges in skill from non-readers of music to several near professional-level musicians. A weekly rehearsal begins at 9 o’clock, one hour before the Sunday service.

Contact:  Dr. David Kennedy

Prayers and Squares

This ministry sews quilts for parishioners dealing with illnesses and other difficulties in their lives. The group meets once a week to work on quilts that are requested by members of the parish for their loved ones and friends.  Quilts are blessed during a service and every parishioner is invited to say a prayer and tie a knot in the quilt that is then presented to the intended recipient.

Contact: Laidy Stomberg

Social  Outreach

Social Outreach is a large and important ministry at Trinity Church. Clothing donations, personal kits, back-to-school supplies and food donations are some of the projects that take place throughout the year.  At any given time, there are one or two active social outreach projects going on. Trinity Church supplies items to homeless shelters, food pantries, schools, community agencies, individual families, and animal shelters.  It’s easy and rewarding to get involved.

Contact: Sue Hinckley


Sunshine is a quiet ministry that sends out cards, flowers and sometimes baked goods to folks in the parish who are sick and shut-in.  They also send out the weekly parish bulletin to folks who can’t get to church on Sunday.  If you know anyone who needs a little sunshine, contact Ginny.

Contact: Ginny Leahy


Our ushers stand by the doors to greet folks, welcome them to Trinity and hand out programs. They also take up the collection at the offertory and assist folks to come up to the altar for Communion.  It’s a wonderful ministry of welcoming.

Contact:  Donald Raleigh

Prayer Chain                              

If you know of someone who is sick, put them on the Prayer Chain.  It helps!

Contact:  Kelley Elderkin


(More to come. If you are a director of a ministry not yet listed here, please email me a blurb briefly describing your work. Ginny at